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Who We Are

Providing airline passengers with safe, secure, on time departures and arrivals is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction in the airport services industry.

Multi Point Engineering Company Ltd is a single source solution that is paving the way for extended operations and maintenance in this regard by delivering innovative maintenance and support services to ensure airports operate at peak efficiency with maximum up time.

No other service provider in West Africa can match our cumulative experience in scheduled, corrective and predictive maintenance programs for all airport including Check-ins, Conveyors, Curves, Laterals, Pushers, Diverters, Carousels, Tilt Tray Systems, Controls Room Operation.

There is no industry greater challenged to be both innovative and cost conscious than that of aviation. At Multi Point Engineering Company Ltd, we provide opportunities for airlines and airports to improve the way things are done on an operational level that delivers cost efficiencies without risk of negatively impacting the travelers' service experience.

We provide a number of aviation support solutions, including:

  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Baggage Handling System
  • Installation & Maintenance of HVAC
  • Jet Bridge Installatioln & Maintenance
  • Elevators and Escalators Installations and Maintenance
  • Ground Support Equipments Maintenance and Serivices

What we Do

Baggage Handling System

  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Jet Bridge

  • Installation, Operations and Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Corrective Maintenance / Emergency Service


  • Complete aircondition installations
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Corrective Maintenance / Emergency Service
  • Pre-conditioned Air Maintenance

Elevators & Escalators

  • Elevators and Escalators Installations / Maintenance

Ground Support Equipment

  • Maintenance and Services

Why Choose Us

We provide our services to airports of every size and scope, from regional to international, for 24/7 hassle-free support that effectively plans for your maintenance needs no matter how high the demand.

We have tried and tested Engineers and Technicians who have performed various tasks at various airports globally.

A well-planned Operational and Maintenance schedule to keep operations running optimally and reduce total costs.

We create the basis for reliable, effective system operation which will ensures high availability, both by reducing downtime.

Comprehensive spare parts inventory management

We provide 24/7 hassle-free technical support

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  • Multi Point Engineering Company Ltd
  • P.O Box KN 5488 kaneshie
  • Accra Ghana